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Introducing Jessica Kolver

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Jessica Kolver

Jessica Kolver is a well-known face in the property industry atLa Récolte.

She specializes in retirement villages, new developments and 2nd hand property sales.

Jessica in the Spotlight

Jessica, what is your job at La Récolte?

I am the sales agent, employed by C4 Property Group and mandated by the developer.

My job is to make sure that the new units in the development gets sold.

Are there any units available to rent or buy at La Récolte?

Yes, we currently sell Block C, namely the Assisted Living suites, but I also have a

re-sale in Block A.

I have a one bedroom and a two bedroom apartment for rent.

The one bedroom is situated in Block D, 61m² large.

The two bedroom is in Block A, ground floor, 70m² large.

"Selling retirement homes are very different to selling large homes or 'normal' apartments, but I love it for the fact that I get to see people arrive doubtful and sometimes scared - but then they walk out feeling relaxed, confident in their choice and positive about the next phase in their life - that to me is worth more than the money.

I learn a lot from the wise, and the most important thing I have learned is that age is what you make of it - I meet people of all ages, but the ones that see age as a number and not as a definition, are the ones that inspire me the most."

Resident Letter

Residing at La Récolte

It was a Nerve-Wrecking experience investing most of our hard earned savings into

an unknown venture and brand new establishment.

But “OH YES” we have and still are enjoying our retirement here since moving in

August 2017. Thirty months have passed and we have met so many new and wonderful people, special friends and acquaintances. It has been an amazing experience!

Most people say they are not ready to move into a retirement village but we did and it was not to soon at all, we are very happy!

We do activities like the Jannie Barnard fish and chips evening,the boerewors roll braai evenings and the whole group bring and braai get together at the main entrance to block A.

Some people supplied salads, some snacks and others refreshment.

We also had a few happy hour evenings in our newly furnished lounge area.

We, the residents tend to help each other whenever we can, so we get together very well

as a group.

We are waiting for the clubhouse to be completed where all the residents can socialize together, share our stories and experiences and make even more friends.

Ian and Evelyn Hephurn Unit A1109

La Récolte

Celebrating Valentines day

Valentine’s day was celebrated this year with a lady’s lunch in Block A catered by

Western Province Caterers.

This fabulous event gave the residents the opportunity to socialize and enjoy the delectable snacks and beautiful decor.

The ladies were welcomed by Master of Ceremonies Warner Slater followed