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Introducing Labuschaigne Management Service

Acting Chairman Eugene Jooste

Remain Safe when Exercising

Recipe of the Month

Health Talk

Acting Chairman

Eugene Jooste

As many of you might know Lady Chair Catharina Matthysen has recently passed, therefore Deputy Chairman Person Eugene Jooste has stepped in as acting Chairman until the next AGM when trustee elections will take place.

Trustee Evelyn Hepburn has assisted him in this difficult time.

There have recently been a few developments:

▢ Labuschaigne Management Services was appointed as the new managing agent.

▢ Snyman Van der Vyver was appointed as the new broker.

▢ Solar panels were installed(this will result in savings on electricity.)

▢ Western Province Catering's contract was renewed and they are currently operating from our kitchen in the clubhouse.

WPC will purchase a golf cart to assist with meal deliveries

▢ We are looking at possible bird proofing solutions to address the rock pigeon droppings and nesting problems.

▢ The clubhouse will be opening in the near future.

▢ The opening of our new frail care facility.

Eugene Jooste- "I see our responsibilities as Trustees, first and foremost, to ensure that our levies remain affordable and competitive. It is important that our residents are kept updated, especially when it comes to the finances - my intention, Covid permitting, is to hold regular Town Hall meetings in the clubhouse to inform our residents and listen to their proposals and issue.

Eugene Jooste

(T) 082 888 6585


Unit B207 La Recolte Retirement Village


Introducing Labuschaigne Management Service

We are excited to announce that as from 1 August 2021. Labuschaigne Management Services has been appointed as the new managing agent at La Récolte.

Labuschaigne Management Services (LMS) was established with the express purpose of managing Sectional Title complexes and Home Owners Associations. They have been appointed to attend to the administration needs at La Récolte., including the preparation of budgets, the handling of accounts, reporting to the Trustees on the budgeted and actual results achieved and on debtor’s balances.

They would also attend and facilitate at Trustee and General Meetings and maintain the minutes of these meetings.

Their staff turnover is very low, and their Portfolio and Administrative Managers have up to 25 years’ experience. The firm is registered with the Estate Agency Board and is in possession of a Fidelity Fund Certificate, and they are a member of NAMA.

They have been operating from the same offices for the past 28 years!

Eugene Jooste our new acting Chairman advised: "We appointed Labuschaigne Management Services (LMS) as our new managing agent. I am also Chair at St Johannis Park Lifestyle Village in Bellville (next to Karl Bremmer hospital) with LMS as our managing agent. We are of the opinion that they deliver a superior service, are knowledgeable when in comes to the Sectional Title Schemes Management Act.

Labuschaigne Management Services

10 Rust & Vrede Business Square

Corner of Church & Oxford Street, Durbanville 7550 or (T) 021 975-1177


Remain Safe when Exercising

Physical activity is crucial to overall wellbeing because it enhances bone health and cognitive health. However, many adults stop exercising in their senior years due to weaker bones and the fear of injuries.

Here are some safety tips:

Go at an Easy Pace

When exercising go slow and space out each activity

Use Supportive Devices

Your loved one may need to lean on a chair or wall when exercising to prevent an accident or injury. Encourage your loved one to use medical devices if he or she has mobility limitations or cognitive issues that affect balance and flexibility

Stay Hydrated

Aging causes the amount of water in the body to decrease, putting seniors at a higher risk of dehydration. Proper hydration is necessary to lubricate the joints and regulate body temperature.

Choose Water-Based Exercises

Low-impact activities like water aerobics are safe for seniors because the buoyancy from the water puts less stress on the body.


Recipe of the Month

Salmon Fish Cakes


▢ 500 sweet potatoes cooked

▢ 250g fresh breadcrumbs

▢ 1 egg, lightly beaten

▢ 125g sour cream

▢ Finely grated zest of 1 lemon, plus extra wedges to serve

▢ Juice of 1 lemon

▢ ½ bunch dill, finely chopped

▢ 180g hot-smoked salmon or trout, flaked

▢ 1/3 cup (50g) plain flour

▢ Sunflower oil, for shallow-frying

▢ Watercress, to serve


▢ In a mixing bowl add breadcrumbs, 500g sweet potatoe,1egg, 1tbs sour cream, lemon zest, half the dill and season.

▢ Mix to combine.

▢ Fold in salmon, shape fish cake mixture into 12 patties and place in the freezer

for 10 minutes.

▢ When ready to cook, dust both sides of fish cakes in flour.

▢ Heat 1cm oil in a large frying pan over medium-high heat and fry fish cakes for 2-3 minutes on each side until golden.

▢ Transfer to paper towel to drain.

▢ Combine remaining sour cream in a bowl with lemon juice and remaining dill.

▢ Serve fish cakes with dill sour cream, watercress and lemon wedges.


Health Talk

COVID-19 Vaccine

Common questions:

Is the Covid-19 vaccine safe?

The COVID-19 vaccines are proven to be overwhelmingly safe for most people. More than 40,000 patients participated in J&J's clinical trials before the company applied for emergency use authorization, mirroring Pfizer's and Moderna's study sample sizes.

Can I still get COVID-19 after the vaccine?

If someone is unlucky to get COVID-19 after having been vaccinated and you can still, in some cases, get COVID-19 after you get vaccinated, even though your chances seem to be lower, it is likely you will experience a much milder disease.


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