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How to manage your anxiety during the Corona Virus Outbreak

Introducing Residentia Trust

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Introducing Residentia Trust

Residentia Trust is the Body Corporate and Managing Agent for La Récolte and is headed by Portfolio Manager Jennifer Bacon. Their invaluable service and 51 years of experience is a huge contributor to the success of La Récolte.

Since 1968, Body Corporates have trusted them to manage their residential and commercial property investments, and the portfolio under their management boasts 4671 units in 98 complexes.

Their responsibilities include administration, secretarial, accounting and facility management at La Récolte. We can count on their competent and fully trained Portfolio Managers, streamlined system and real time financial reporting.

Jennifer Bacon In the Spotlight

What are your duties for La Récolte?

I manage all administration and secretarial duties.

Do you enjoy your job?

I like the people that I work with and learn from, they push me to take on new and challenging opportunities. Every hour is as diverse as every day

Since when has Residentia been the Managing Agents at La Récolte?

Residentia Trust has been the Managing Agent right from the start. Residentia Trust even did the Inaugural meeting for La Recolte.

What makes Residentia Trust different from other Managing Agents?

We value relationships and walk the extra mile to ensure our clients receive the service they deserve.

Residentia Trust

Unit 21C, Level 5, Cento East Wing, Bella Rosa Street, Rosendal, Bellville

Contact Number: 021 975 6794

Contact Person: Jennifer Bacon

how to manage your anxiety during the Corona virus Outbreak

It’s borderline impossible to do anything right now without hearing the word Corona virus. The developing panic is real, especially when the only news being disseminated seems to be Corona virus news. And for people who already struggle with anxiety disorders, the daily reminders and updates about Corona virus sweeping the globe is only adding insult to injury.

How to manage your anxiety:

• Assess your own personal risk for contracting the Corona virus.

You can take a proactive role in your health (and anxiety levels) by figuring out your own personal risk for developing the Corona virus.

• Try to limit your Corona virus news consumption

You should at least be aware that Corona virus is currently an issue, and know where it's showing up in relation to you. However, there is such a thing as too much news, and constantly reading Corona virus update stories isn't going to help your anxiety levels.

• Recognize that your anxiety is normal, but resist inflaming it.

• Follow the correct preventive methods to protect yourself against the Corona virus.

• Remind yourself that you're doing the best you can in this situation.

Fun at Home!

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