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Covid-19 and La Récolte

Van Biljon Nursing Service

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The value of Gratitude

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Van Biljon Nursing Service

Van Biljon is the nursing service taking care of our residents, the agency provides for elderly people with the help of many educated, passionate and professional staff.

Since 2004 Van Biljon Nursing has been at the forefront of frail care in Northern Suburbs of Cape Town, under the watchful of Sister Van Biljon who has over forty year’s experience in various nursing departments.

Their rapid growth as an industry leader is testimony of their capacity and knowledge to provide hostile healthcare services to our many residents.

Van Biljon Nursing in the Spotlight

If there is emergency, can any of our residents make use of your service?

Yes they can, Van Biljon Nursing renders a 24 hour Nursing assistance to all current residents residing at La Récolte. We operate a 24 hour nurse on call emergency system, and all unit are equipped with panic buttons to inform staff of an emergency after which a Nurse will then attend to.

What measurements are you staff taking to curb the spread of the Covid-19 virus?

We do daily screenings, wear face masks, sanitize our hands on a

regular basis (before and after any interactions with patients), and no public visits are allowed.

Covid-19 and La Récolte

Covid-19, the novel corona virus has driven people around the globe to practice social distancing in an effort to quell the disease’s spread. It’s hard for all of us to forego restaurants, movies, concerts, or just simple gatherings with friends. But this reality can be especially challenging for families who have a loved one living in a senior community.

Elderly people and those with preexisting conditions are particularly vulnerable to Covid-19, which means that La Récolte need to be extremely careful before relaxing any infection control protocols too soon. That said, we also know building and maintaining close connections and regular interactions with family and friends is also critical to our overall health and total well-being.

There are plenty of creative ways for you to stay active and keep communicating while maintaining social distance.

• Phone and video calls

• Send letters or emails

• Book and movie groups

Pick a book or movie to read or watch, and then have a discussion about it over the phone or via video chat.

La Récolte remains committed to helping our residents have positive experiences and meaningful days even in the midst of this global health crisis.

June Fun

Here are some in-room activity ideas for residents to enjoy!

Artistic Pursuits

The therapeutic value of drawing and coloring comes from the need to concentrate. We immerse ourselves and ‘forget’ our troubles whilst in the midst of a coloring activity. Everyone needs a break from reality sometimes.

In Room Gardening

You can enliven any room with a pot plant, and there a pot plants to suit any conditions!