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Resident of the Month

Francis Murray- Rawbone

Francis Rawbone is a well-respected resident at La Récolte, she loves to travel, enjoys fun activities with fellow residents and her positive outlook is contagious.

It is our honor having her as Resident of the month in the last edition for 2020.

In the Spotlight

Please tell me about your life before La Récolte?

My love and interest in children resulted in a career in teaching at Wynberg Boys junior and principal at Holy Cross Sisters school.

Why did you decide to become a resident at La Récolte?

Having lived in Zinnia street for the past 50 years and seeing the veldt develop into a suburb, it naturally followed that I chose La Récolte as a retirement home. I procured my little nest in August 2018.

What do you do for fun?

I love to travel abroad and in South Africa, however it has been somewhat curtailed by Covid 19 and my lack of mobility.

I now spend time reading and building jigsaws with fellow enthusiast!

Do you have any fond memories of La Récolte?

When I won a magnificent vase of roses at the Valentine’s day tea party, another is when a neighbor saw me struggling and offered me the use of his walker, with such kindness and empathy. I am truly content and comfortable at La Récolte and find the staff solicitous and caring.

My sincere hope is that all the residents at La Récolte continue to enjoy the tranquility of the surroundings, the fellowship and the inner peace that comes with the knowledge that we are truly blessed to be here.

Holiday Blues

Although the Holiday Season is usually filled with excitement and celebrations, for some in their “golden” years, this can be one of the toughest times of the year.

The stress that comes with taking part in these special celebrations can be overwhelming for some. Many people, regardless of age, can experience feelings of sadness, disappointment and depression this time of year which is often referred to as the “Holiday Blues”.

Some seniors experience the “Holiday Blues” more intensely, while others are not affected at all …

Life experience brings many changes with it, and our senior family members often reach a point in their lives when it becomes more difficult to adapt to change. During the Holidays, in particular, some reminisce about better times and the absence of their loved ones. Some of their spouses or closest friends might even have already passed, and their grown up children have busy lives of their own now …

How to help someone suffering from Holiday Blues:

• Communication today is easier than ever! Give them a call, send them a card, send a vase of flowers, anything that transmits the message that you care and you are thinking about them.

• Go and visit them and bring your family along - Have you ever seen the happiness of grandparent around a grandchild? This holiday season keep that in mind. There is no better gift than the gift of good company and building memories that will last a lifetime

• Invite your lonely neighbor for Christmas lunch, a cup of tea or even just a quick chat.

Recipe of the Month

Salmon Parcels


360 g smoked salmon slices

200 g cream cheese

2 lemons