La Recolte: February Newsletter

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

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Introducing Western Province Caterers

Enjoying Your Retirement

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Western Province Caterers

We are excited to introduce you to Western Province Caterers, they are the new catering company at La Récolte as from February 2020.

Western Province Caterers was established in 1995 primarily to serve the catering needs of the retirement sector in the Western Cape.

Nicky Louw will be heading the catering team with her team of chefs, they are expected to deliver fresh, tasty, home style meals with a little flair.

Western Province Caterers' philosophy towards food service is to keep it refreshing and nutritious, to ensure that it's always about the people and the love of food.

The unique and special needs of this market is carefully tailored for by their Executive Chef through on-going menu research and development.

Regular promotions and fun events will be arranged in conjunction with the Trustees to add a varied dimension to the residents' day.

Western Province Caterers

5A Beckham Street, Gardens, Cape Town, 8001

Contact: 076 731 2929 (Nicky Louw)

Enjoying Your Retirement

Most of us look forward to the day we can retire and spend our days pursuing favorite pastimes. While having the freedom to follow your dreams is nice, it isn’t always enough. Some seniors find themselves struggling to settle into a healthy, productive lifestyle.

Challenge yourself: It’s easy to get stuck in a routine after you retire. Avoid that trap by challenging yourself to learn new things.

Spend time with kids: Children have a way of boosting spirits.

If you don’t have grandchildren or yours live far away, consider volunteering for a local children’s organization.

Find a physician you trust: Having a trusted relationship with a primary care physician is important, you’ll be more likely to visit the doctor on a regular basis and stay on track with health screenings.

Create a bucket list: Do you have dreams of adventures you’ve always wanted to complete? That’s what is known as a bucket list. Take time to formally compose your list. Then make plans to pursue each item.

Connect with peers: Having friends your own age gives you a support network to turn to through the ups and downs of aging.

Find ways to give back: It may be fine to spend a few years living a carefree life, but you’ll likely come to a point where you want more meaningful activity. Many seniors find volunteer work fills this void.

Recipe of the Month

Broccoli Salad with Bacon